The Irish protein enriched dairy ice cream, FitFuel Nourish is now being used by dietitian’s in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin as an alternative food supplement for their patients.  Hillary Robinson a senior dietitian at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, explains “I am delighted to have found a fresh tasting alternative to offer my patients that doesn’t look or taste like a supplement!”

FitFuel Nourish is an ice cream fortified with protein so each portion is packed with 10g of protein.  The product is manufactured by Paganini, an Irish ice cream and dessert company founded by Wexford dairy farmer Tomas Murphy in 1990.

Being part of Ireland’s largest paediatric hospital, Hillary sees many sick children who require extra dietary supplements to boost their nutritional intake whilst working to rebuild their strength.  Where possible, real food alternatives are sought as they try to keep things as normal as possible for the children.  Hillary explains the benefits of the Protein Ice Cream in this context: “The patients on the haematology oncology ward love the little ice cream tubs.  Because it is given to them by the dinner girls, they see it as a treat rather than a supplement a dietitian would prescribe!”  she went on to point out that ”Patient satisfaction and adherence is sky high.”

FitFuel Nourish Protein Ice Cream has been developed specifically for those who require additional protein to increase muscle strength following surgery, illness or a period of diminished appetite.  This is first and foremost a delicious real dairy ice cream, a real food.   It is also enriched with 10g of Protein per serving and packed with 220Kcal making it a food which can help to provide the foundation for increasing and maintaining strength and muscle mass.

Without question, the high adherence levels experienced in Crumlin Children’s Hospital have to be put down to the fact that this is a delicious ice cream.  Hillary also highlighted how the ice cream has added soothing benefits “The kids on our Haematology Oncology ward suffer frequently with mucositis (ulcerated mouths) which makes eating a painful chore.  To be able to offer an ice cream which can cool their mouths and offer them some relief with the added bonus of a high protein content, gives me a viable alternative to existing oral nutritional supplements.”

A growing number of dietitians in hospitals and nursing homes throughout Ireland have adopted FitFuel Nourish and are experiencing equally high adherence and satisfaction levels.   Other dietitians have had similar experiences to Hillary who commented “Being able to offer ice cream to my patients with the added bonus of a high protein content combines the best of a kids world and a dietitians!” 

FitFuel is now available to purchase from a selection of speciality stores and Spar outlets throughout Ireland  or customers can shop online and arrange for free home delivery within the Republic of Ireland. Shop online