Paganini-Brochure-template-LogoThe concept of FitFuel has evolved as part of a journey with many twists and turns. Essentially, it has formed from the intersection of three areas about which we are very passionate – Food, Sports and Health.

In 1990 Tomas Murphy began making ice cream on our dairy farm in south Wexford with milk from our Friesian herd. The ice cream was made to an Italian recipe and was sold from Paganini – a gelateria style shop in Wexford town. Tomas went on to develop a full-service dairy and bakery dessert business which supplies the catering trade in Ireland and beyond. In 1993 Tomas’ son Barry qualified as a Physiotherapist and moved to Boston where he practiced for several years before going back to college to attain an MBA going on to pursue a career in business. In 2004 Barry returned to Ireland and joined Paganini to help Tomas manage Paganini.


While working as a Physiotherapist, Barry saw first-hand the impact of nutrition on his patients’ ability to respond to strengthening exercises. When individuals (often entering hospital in a malnourished state) couldn’t consume enough calories and protein, the challenge to recover became immense and re-gaining the strength to walk and safely negotiate stairs became a draining battle. Inactivity, poor appetite and lack of access to easy-to-eat foods created a vicious cycle of strength and mobility loss complicating medical and surgical recovery and prolonging time spent in hospital.

One food that is always popular with patients is ice cream due to its universally appealing taste and texture. Its refreshing low temperature also appeals to patients with high taste sensitivity.

FitFuel Nourish products are designed to deliver great taste and easy eatability. They boost the protein and calorific intake of people who need to consume more calories and protein to help them gain and maintain strength, which in turn enables them to pursue an independent and active lifestyle.


In recent years, the area of sports nutrition started to gain real momentum. Sports drinks, protein supplements energy bars and gels have become important support elements of sports people and recreational athletes. Barry who has a keen interest in sports has used these products for many years and has experienced the value that they provide. However, using many of these products has one draw-back, the vast majority of them are not “real” foods and are often unappetising and not pleasant to consume. Never a fan of the taste of protein shakes or bars, Barry enrolled the team in Paganini to explore the idea of enriching our ice cream with protein as a way to make a tasty, appealing, nutritional food. What they came up with is now known as FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream.

FitFuel Perform products are lower in fat and enriched with protein. In effect, they are a delicious way to acquire the nutritional benefit of the right amount of protein to maximise the effect of exercise. No longer does every post-session recovery have to be kicked off with a dry protein bar or a hard to stomach protein drink!


At FitFuel we are Passionate about Food, Sports and Health. We believe that Food can help you reach your physical goals and taste great at the same time. A simple and powerful concept which we believe can make a difference in peoples lives.

Our goal is to help you reach yours!