FitFuel Perform is made in Ireland with milk from the pastures of Wexford

  • Protein enriched 20g Whey Protein Isolate per tub to support muscle recovery, repair & regeneration after exercise
  • Great Tasting real dairy ice cream made with whole Irish milk , ideal for smoothies, milkshakes or dessert
  • Less than 5% fat per tub



What is FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream

At FitFuel we take a “Food-First” approach to creating products which deliver the protein benefits that are necessary to optimise your bodies training response and enable you to meet your goals.  Fitfuel Perform Protein Ice Cream is first and foremost a delicious real dairy Ice cream which also has the 20g of protein which you need to get the most from your training session.

Many people undervalue the power of recovery.  Optimising recovery helps our bodies to maximise the gains in strength and fitness from the previous session and enables us to attain the necessary intensity levels in the next session.

Two fundamentals of recovery are rest and nutrition.  Proper nutrition begins in the 20 minute window immediately post exercise. The 20:20 rule is a simple formula, it recommends the consumption of 20g of protein within 20 minutes of exercising. The body is most receptive to protein in this period and can optimally utilise it to repair muscle tissue and stimulate protein synthesis (muscle building).

With FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream the 20:20 Rule is one you will love to obey!