We were born to run.

Physical activity has been genetically coded into us.  We have been physically grappling with our goals and objectives since we first hunted for the food (protein!) to sustain us.  Today, our physical goals have evolved but the fundamentals have remarkably stayed pretty much the same. To achieve our physical goals we try to become stronger, more powerful, faster, more agile and to develop more stamina.  These objectives are common to most forms of human physical endeavour and mean that, we all share a bond in terms of the challenges we undertake in our physical lives.

We all have our reasons for nurturing and developing our physical nature.  You may be training for the Olympic 400m race, you may be getting started on a gym program to improve your body shape or just want to get fitter for your general well being.  All our reasons and thus our goals are of equal importance.

Think of all the effort you put into your fitness. You are making an investment. If maximising the return you get on that investment of time and effort is important to you then the quality of your recovery must match the quality of your training. Optimising recovery helps our bodies to maximise the gains in strength and fitness from the previous session and enables us to attain the necessary intensity levels in the next session.

Two fundamentals of recovery are rest and nutrition.  Proper sports nutrition begins in the 20 minute window immediately post exercise. The 20:20 rule is a simple formula, it recommends the consumption of 20g of protein within 20 minutes of exercising when the body is most receptive to protein.

So whatever your sport, whether it is running, swimming, going to the gym, yoga, playing rugby, soccer or cycling you want to get the most from it.  You want to get better at it and you want to achieve your goals. With FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream the 20:20 Rule is one you will love to obey!