20:20 Rule: Consuming 20g of Protein within 20 minutes of exercise optimises your recovery

Think of all the effort you put into your fitness. You are making an investment. If maximising the return you get on that investment of time and effort is important to you then the quality of your recovery must match the quality of your training. We all have our “reasons for doing it”, personal fitness goals to attain, teams to make, races to win, honours to compete for or mountains to climb (some of us literally!). Many people undervalue the power of recovery. The best training is driven by the best recovery. Optimising recovery helps our bodies to maximise the gains in strength and fitness from the previous session and enables us to attain the necessary intensity levels in the next training session or competitive event. Poor recovery protocols lead to plateaus and eventually burn-out.

Two fundamentals of recovery are rest and nutrition. Adequate rest is crucial to allow the body to take on the benefits of the previous session and to get it ready for the next one. Proper nutrition begins in the 20 minute window immediately post exercise. The 20:20 rule is a simple formula that ensures your recovery gets off to the best start possible. It recommends the consumption of 20g of protein within 20 minutes of exercising. The body is most receptive to amino acids in this period and can optimally utilise them to repair muscle tissue that has been damaged during exercise and maximally stimulate protein synthesis (muscle building).

FitFuel Perform has 20g of protein per serving and is appetising and easy to eat immediately after exercise. All the focus on rules and discipline in the life of an athlete can be grinding but FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream means that the 20:20 Rule is one you will love to obey!