Paganini was awarded the Innovation Award for the FitFuel Protein Ice Cream range at the Bord Bia Food & Drinks Awards 2013. 

Food Industry Savour Success - Bord Bia Food & Drink Award Winners Announced FitFuel Perform, a new Irish protein enriched dairy ice cream was recently launched by the Irish dairy and bakery company, Paganini.  FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream has been developed specifically for fitness enthusiasts.  This is a delicious low-fat ice cream enriched with 20g of protein, the necessary amount of protein to support muscle recovery, repair and regeneration post workout.

Barry Murphy, Managing Director, Paganini is the man behind FitFuel.  Barry is a competitive cyclist with a keen interest in sports nutrition.  Having tried and tested a range of sports nutrition products Barry identified an opportunity for developing a “real” food alternative to the protein shakes and bars on the market. 

“We are very proud to have received the Innovation Award from Bord Bia.  We were up against very tough competition so are truly delighted to have been selected. We have got a very enthusiastic response to the FitFuel Product range from retailers and athletes, so this award further re-enforces the product and illustrates the potential that this new range of products has.  This is a real food, a functional food that tastes great.” commented Barry.



When developing FitFuel Perform it was very important that the optimum amount of protein was achieved.  Barry explains “The 20: 20 rule recommends the consumption of 20g of protein within 20 minutes of exercising.  The body is most receptive to protein within this 20 minute window.  It is during this time that the body can optimally utilise protein to repair muscle tissue and stimulate protein synthesis (muscle building).   With this in mind, we produce individual tubs of FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream with 20g of protein in each tub, the recommended post exercise protein portion.”

FitFuel Perform is a tasty, low fat, high protein recovery product for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, recreational athletes and gym-goers.  In effect, itis a delicious way to acquire the nutritional benefit of the right amount of protein post workout to maximise the effect of training.  FitFuel Perform Protein Ice Cream is currently available in Vanilla and Strawberry flavour and can be purchased in a selection of supermarkets and speciality stores throughout Dublin and Wexford including Pettitt’s Supervalu, selected Spar outlets and Donnybrook Fair. 

The FitFuel team has also developed a protein enriched ice cream with a clinical nutritional application.  This product, FitFuel Nourish Protein Ice Cream is for those seeking to maintain and increase muscle strength following surgery, illness or a period of diminished appetite.  Enriched with 10g of protein, FitFuel Nourish offers a delicious, appealing and easy to eat nutritional protein boost.  This is now being offered to patients in several of Ireland’s leading hospitals.

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